Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dental Implants for Patients with Diabetes

Our team understands dry mouth, gum disease, delayed healing and other health issues are all special concerns for our patients with diabetes. But what are your options when infection has weakened teeth beyond repair? In many cases, dental implants are recommended as permanent replacements for damaged teeth.

Recent studies of dental implants with diabetic patients show success rates of higher than 90 percent. While the process of implantation takes longer than conventional treatments like bridges, the strength and durability of implants make them an excellent long-term solution for your tooth replacement. If you have diabetes and have lost one or more teeth (and your diabetes is under control), you may consider implants. However, if your blood sugar is not controlled, we recommend putting off any non-emergency dental care, including implants, bridgework and dentures – until you’ve worked with your primary care physician to control it.
Otherwise, feel free to give The Dental Specialists a call and our staff will try to answer any diabetes-related questions we can.

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