Monday, May 9, 2011

Getting Married This Spring? Stop by The Dental Specialists!

It’s spring. Tulips are blooming and world is awakening from its winter sleep. What a great time for a wedding! If you are gearing up for a wedding this spring, consider matching that white dress to a perfectly white smile!

At The Dental Specialists we offer in-office tooth whitening for the bride, the groom, or the entire wedding party! You get the girls together to get their nails done, and now you can get them together to get their teeth done!

In-office whitening is the quickest, most effective way to achieve whiter teeth. Because we are dental professionals, we have the expertise to use higher percentages of whitening agents than the at-home systems allow. So you can get a brighter white, usually in just one visit!

Give us a ring and let us add some extra sparkle to your “I do”!

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